Flat Roofs - Felt Roofing - GRP Roofs - Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent & London

Flat Roofing

Flat Roofs - Felt Roofing - GRP Roofs - Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent

Flat roofs in Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent & London

Due to our changeable British climate, traditional flat roofs or low pitched roofs have a limited life span and are notorious for leaks and degradation over time. Thankfully methods and materials have improved considerably over the years, meaning that today the flat roofing solutions Southdown Roofing provide offer unsurpassed durability, strength and performance.

Southdown Roofing cover all requirements for flat roofing:

  • Garage roofs
  • Flat roof repairs
  • Dormer windows and balconies
  • Extensions and porches
  • Industrial units
  • Pavilions
  • External walkways
  • Felt roofing (15 year guarantee on new roofs)
  • CrysticROOF GRP roofing system

CrysticROOF GRP Roofing System

Link to CrysticROOF websiteThe GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) roofing system is a cost-effective, durable alternative to traditional roofing materials such as bitumen, felt and lead; and is suitable for all flat roof structures such as garages, sheds, dormer windows, extensions and balconies.

GRP is the way forward for flat roofs and Southdown Roofing are one of only a few West Sussex Roofing companies to specialise in GRP Roofing Solutions for flat roofs. We recommend and are an approved installer of the leading GRP system CrysticROOF www.crysticroof.com. It has been tried and tested to provide the best combination of strength and flexibility. It is watertight and maintenance free, has a 20 year warranty if installed by Southdown Roofing, and adds significant value to your property.

Benefits of the CrysticROOF GRP Roofing system:

  • Cost-effective
  • Durable, flexible and strong
  • Completely water-tight
  • Maintenance free
  • No joints or seams to weld
  • Range of colours
  • Suitable for roof structures, walkways and balconies
  • Non-slip option for walkways
  • 20 year warranty if installed by Southdown Roofing

CrysticROOF will be leak free for a minimum of 20 years if installed by an approved contractor such as Southdown Roofing. CrysticROOF is completely watertight, and there are no joints or seams to weld. The resins in the CrysticROOF system form a powerful bond with the glass mat to produce a solid laminate, which completely encapsulates the roof area. CrysticROOF is available in a range of colours and there is a high performance, non-slip option for walkways.

Long lasting solutions and peace of mind

At Southdown Roofing we specialise in durable, quality solutions for your roof and our repairs are always carried out to the highest standards.

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